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There are a wide range of WordPress themes available via Sitges Web Design.


  • Letting Property & Property Portal Designs
  • Booking Systems
  • Room Management (Description/Promotion)
  • Tools for managing a single property or more

& options to include third party facilities, such as ‘TheFork’.

All locally in Sitges & at a fee, much less than in the past.

We are happy to implement the latest options on offer, for your hospitality or rental business website, social media & app

The first step is to like the style & layout of a design.

As experts, we can begin the work of:

  • checking the likely quality of the theme
  • presenting you it’s features
  • providing you a demo (if possible)
    & from a chosen short-list…
  • helping you choose a final website for your needs

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To tempt your appetite, here are some current options: