We manage your Marketing efforts

Whilst the Internet and connectivity will always generate revenue, fads come and go.
Subsequently every business needs to market themselves in the real world, using traditional methods.

From paraphernalia, to advertising and events.

We help you produce and manage marketing efforts, in Sitges, Barcelona, Catalunya and beyond.

Search Engine Marketing & Optimisation

We manage your Search Engine Placement efforts

Getting the best place possible. at the top of search engines, doesn’t really involve tricks.
Or you risk damaging your business, forever.

It involves, being the best your business can be and telling the search engines like Google, whilst telling the world. Like current, past and potential customers, they need to see you as valuable and active. WE help you improve

We help you package (optimise) and promote (market) your activities online.

These services are so important, they have their own website.

Sitges Marketing & Search Engine Marketing & Optimising Services

Social Media

We manage your various Social Media accounts

Re-using resources is great, where possible.
Unfortunately… Google’s penalises duplicate content!

But not on social media.

So when keeping momentum & dominating our audience is hard, you need to publish to every channel possible & as often as possible.

These services are so important, they have their own website.

Sitges Social Media Services
Once we learn what makes your target customers tick, we step in.
Supplying the social media expertise, innovation and creativity.
To allow you to concentrate on your core business.

That means, posting on the likes of Twitter, Facebook and all the rest!
(Including less popular ‘social outlets’, with plenty of search engine power, but less competition)

And branding such channels professionally, with images & photos.
Many, hand made/adjusted, to include on your businesses brand.

As with your websites branding and content, via our web design services.

If you wonder about the opportunities Social media offer… view the YouTube Top Earners 2015 page at To see if there is more to this fad! ($7 million a year!)

“Typical Tasks per Month”

  • 40 Press Release Submissions (8 press release x 5 press release websites)
  • 5 Press releases, 400+ words written
  • 5 Unique Articles will be written
  • 5 Web 2.0 Properties will be made
  • 5 unique “how to Articles” will be written
  • 1 YouTube channel will be created
  • 10 YouTube videos will be created
  • Will get likes, shares, tweets, re-edits, and 1+ in order to get natural back links
  • 9. Anchor text diversity (will not use exact keywords for back links).
  • Will get Natural back links by link worthy articles
  • Will create Google+ page for your business
  • Will distribute 15 posts daily via Google+ Page
  • Will make 1 post daily on your blog
  • Meta tags/Title tag changes
  • Keyword research/Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Alt tag changes
  • Interlinking wherever required.
  • Keyword density in site content.
  • HTML Site Map
  • XML site map and Submission in webmaster tool
  • Ror.XML File creation
  • Robots.Txt File creation Extra work activities
  • Google Webmaster tools
  • Google Analytics
  • Html to text ratio optimisation
  • Keyword Prominence