Up and above, a brochure on the web (brochureware), providing just information…
we have provided ‘interactive’ websites for many types of business & the public sector.
Programmed as ‘made to measure’ (bespoke) solutions, for many uses & industries.


  • Intranet, hidden support facilities for academics involved in a EU Project
    (For University of Barcelona)
  • Animated version of vehicle tracking software, for promotional purposes
  • Membership system for Business Enterprise Club (N.L.E.C)
  • Property management system (North London Business Ltd)
  • Student & Teacher Facility Website (EU Project)
  • Data system disseminating progress in campaign to save a historic building (Enfield Council)
  • E-commerce system for audio files with protection against fraud (Audis-Books)
  • Photo sharing & upload facility centres around pets (Pet Moments)
  • English language audio system for Chinese market (LondonEnglish College)
  • Reports System for selling protected financial reports (J.N Financial)
  • Website System linked to Smartphones, for inspectors reporting ‘on site’ (C.r.a.c.s)
  • Builders accreditation system for public sector initiative (ConstructionWeb)

and many more.

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Including our own ‘Content Management System‘ (simpler than WordPress) OctavoCMS
& an automated ‘Website Making System’.