CMS eDesign Terms

  1. Navigation styles: Wordpress offer a wide range of styles for navigation & layout. Once chosen, it’s rarely economically viable to change the design by hand programming, if there is a change of mind. When a new template can so easily be substituted, for an additional cost.
  2. Hosting charges:
    The first year’s hosting can be part of some packages, if agreed and shown. After the first year (1 year from date of ordering) a hosting fee will be due on the order date.The price of hosting will be in line with our competitors for a similar package. This will always reflect that of the largest hosting company in europe, Fasthosts, for a similar package and currently stands at £99 per annum.

    Or we can point you in the right direction to choose your own hosting, in the UK or Worldwide

  3. FTP: FTP access can be created for a client to the installation on our or their server. Along with the risk of damaging the site.
  4. Browser compatibility: We embrace the latest technologies, and as such all our page templates are built in table-less CSS layouts. This has the benefits of easier maintenance and adjustment, assures your webpage is both forward and backward compatible with new browsers, complies with accessibility legislation and is better for search engines.As with most modern WordPress templates and our own hand made designs,
  5. Support and training : WordPress has comprehensive online help guides which are easy to use and constantly updated.Whilst every effort will be made to ensure our clients are able to use, what is, an easy administration system, clients unable to set out a page using “Microsoft Word” or use Social media such as Facebook, will be deemed as being too inexperienced with computers to use a cms system. Where the  added service of ‘personalised training’, is being supplied, an offer to train an alternative staff member will be made.Training can enable clients to add more complicated content to their site. In the case of an online store this will include product information. We can help add this data in one go, if given a CSV file that is suitable.

    Our content addition services can be supplied at an added cost or a solution that includes this service, are sometimes availiable.

  6. Maintenance: We have a range of maintenance options depending on your needs:
    We can offer to maintain the site & content: example services(with reductions for a yearly contract/regular work : the 33€ a month option would likely suffice)- In-built: Within the system clients may back up their site and database in case of failure or accidental deletion.

    Lifetime: Lifetime software upgrades are available, on some types, for £99 per year. We aim to release at least one major upgrade per year, and several minor releases.

    Managed: We can maintain your whole site for you, this can include anything from writing fresh content to managing your members.

    SEO: We have a range of search engine maintenance options that can be used regularly or as one-offs

    Our servers are supported by fasthosts, one of Europe’s biggest hosts, and clients can make them and our engineers aware of any problems via an online form, 24hours a day.

    Whilst it remains productive, we will aim to link between client sites and ours, to increase the popularity of sites within search engines. Please advise us if you do not want these efforts.

  7. Site ownership: Naturally whilst we must protect our underlying code, ownership of your sites copyright, design and pages, as available in your CMS, is provided to all clients as standard.Your purchase of our web or graphic design products/services allows us unlimited right to use screenshots and descriptions of our work within our online showcase. We will request authorisation if extracts are to be within physical paraphernalia.
  8. List sections: Your site can have a news list page (section), Often as an extra, the news headings can also be displayed on any page including your home page. Other similar sections can also be added for jobs, events etc.
  9. Images: In eVamp packages we develop our clients new site to mirror the appearance and coding of their own. We reserve the right to refuse poorly coded sites or offer the eDesign option.In eDesign packages our graphic designers will include an image within the sites banner, chosen by our client from an online image stock source we use.The cost of this image will be included. An alternative image can be provided by our client and added for free if correctly sized, optimised and formatted in .jpg format.
    Please ask to see the design processIn all packages the clients current logo and corporate image is used unless extra graphic design services have been agreed. Our logo will be included in any website designs and can be removed for a fee.
  10. Site stats: Basic Site Stats can be added to show how many times each page has been visited and a report allows you to see your most popular pages. Additional advanced stats can be added on demand.
  11. Your store is preset to offer sales in English with UK pounds via the payment providers PayPal, SECPay, Protx and WorldPay. Other payment configurations are available at an extra charge.
  12. Refunds, when offered at our discretion, will be restricted to any unused elements of our services. The refund is also subject to an administration fee of up to 30%, to cover our expenses.
  13. We offer to export information to and from your store, as an extra service, on our shop solutions.Prices exclude VAT/ITV where applicable